Violence against Rohingyas  

Sir: Government forces in Myanmar/Burma are firing upon fleeing refugees. According to a citizen of Burma, they could not tolerate the torture of Myanmar/Burmese Government and they are killing Muslim people in a horrible manner: bodies were lying everywhere and we were completely helpless there. The government burned down many houses in Burma and they also killed small children.
How they anyone can live there? Thousands of Rohingya who are fleeing violence in Rakhine state are trapped at the border. Bangladesh won’t let them in, and is telling them to go back to their villages. If they go back to their land, the Army will kill these Muslims. At least 104 people were killed in clashes between the Army and insurgents, whose blame falls on Muslims in general and Rohingya in particular. Burma has been accused of carrying out human rights abuses against the Rohingya. I appeal to the government of Bangladesh to allow Rohingya refugees to stay for some days; when there is peace in their country, they will go back.




Published in Daily Times, September 12th 2017.