PTI leader says houses in PK-1 constituency left unregistered

PTI leader says houses in PK-1 constituency left unregistered

PESHAWAR: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader and former president of the provincial capital of the party has said that a large number of houses and streets at PK-1 constituency were left unregistered in the house count exercise by the officials of the Census.

Speaking with Daily Times Zafarullah Khattak complained of the census staff designated for the house count that union council Khalisa one was the biggest union council of the constituency but the officials of the census did not mark large number of house in the counting.

"My own house, the houses of family members and friends and other people who made complaint to me were sidelined by the census authority during its visit to area." he added.

"I can show and figure out to media and other members of the government that not only houses but street after street have been missed in the count," he maintained.

He said that similar complaints had also been registered from other areas of the provincial capital Peshawar union councils such as Pahari Pura, Sirbiland Pura and Kanmbho Adda where number of house were made part of the count under the census.

The complaints of the people and my personal visits to different area shows that the central government was not senior in its demographic survey and was trying its level best to undermine the population of the Pakhuns he maintained.

He made a demand from the provincial and central government to redress the issue of mission houses in the counting of the census.

It was the first case that was reported in the provincial capital that the house and streets were not made part of the count by the teams designated by the authority of the census.

Earlier this the political leadership from the KP chapter has also raised reservation and grievances over the mechanism of the census and fear was felt that central government would undermine the population strength of the province in the census process.