Issa Khail residents demand work on irrigation channel

Issa Khail residents demand  work on irrigation channel

PESHAWAR: Residents of Issa Khail Hameed Shabqadar Road in the outskirt of Peshawar has appealed Senior Minister Sikandar Hayat Khan Sherpao and Chief Minister Pervez Khattak to start work on their irrigation watercourse to irrigate their huge barren land on the bank of river Kabul.

Haji Kurram and Saeed Akhtar, told that about 10 years back Arbab Ayub Jan had constructed a huge water blockade on river Kabul but unfortunately it was damaged by flood.

They said that three villages were affected due to breakdown of water blockade on river Kabul and now they are hardly diverting the flow of river toward their barren fields.

The residents of the area said that Senior Minister Sikandar Khan Sherpao has already approved a scheme for the resident of Dabb Buniaday and Saeed Abad area but no attention has been paid to the people of Issa Khail Hameed, Ghari Karim Dad and Bahattian area.

They said that now residents of the area collected donation to temporary restore water supply to their fields, but unfortunately one of the Influential Khalil Khan Amin and his sons diverting the flow of water toward their fields forcefully which has deprived the poor people to irrigate their land on time.

They said that hundreds of acre fertile land lays near the river bank without any proper irrigation scheme which has badly affected their employment and farming sector.

They also expressed their concern over lack of proper drainage system in the area and the water of rain badly affecting their houses and graveyard.

They said that both the issues need urgent attention of the authority concern as one hand their barren land affected due to lack of watercourse system while on the hand the rain water accumulates in their streets and graveyard due to lack of canal system in their villages.

They appealed Chief Minister Pervez Khattak and Senior Minister Sikandar Sherpao to take special interest in this matter and resolve this long standing irrigation issue of their fertile agrarian lands.