DailyTimes | Concern voiced over racial profiling of Pakhtuns  

Concern voiced over racial profiling of Pakhtuns  

Concern voiced over racial profiling of Pakhtuns   

PESHAWAR: The Pak-Afghan People's Forum has expressed grave concern over racial profiling of the Pakhtun at Punjab and Sindh and has demanded from the political parties of the country to make clear its stance about closing of Pak-Afghn border.

Addressing a press conference at Peshawar Press Club on Wednesday Chairman of the Pak Afghan People's Forum Alamzaib Khan said that Chaman border is closed since 27 days which has badly affected the citizen of the both countries for traveling and transporting their goods. Governments of the both countries should have initiated the process of negotiation and leaders must play their best to keep intact the bonds of peoples at the both side of the border, he added.

The government machinery at the Baclochistan should arrange proper supply of the foods, shelter and other necessities of life for those stuck at the border from the last so many days, he demanded.

Other representatives of the forum including Shaukat Khan, Jehanzaib Khan and Safdar Khan Dawoor also spoke on the occasion and expressed their in favor of proper negotiation between the two countries. Safadar Khan Dawar said that tense bilateral relation and closing of the border bleeding the fool of import and export and both governments loose billions of amounts on daily basis, additionally tradesmen across the border suffering of sever situation due to closing of the border time and again.