Congo forces people to stay away from cattle markets

Congo forces people to stay away from cattle markets

UPPER DIR: Fear of Congo virus forced people to stay away from going to cattle markets and buy sacrificial animal in Upper Dir as low attendance of customers compare to the past was observed in many markets of district.

The Congo disease has become a 'burning issue' these days and people of all walks of life even illiterate people have also well known about it. The Dir cattle market, biggest amongst markets in Upper Dir, Wari, Darora, Brawal, Sheringal and others are receiving little number of customers and cattle markets were witnessed deserted look due to which animal owners have also disappointed.

People said that they were feeling fear to go to cattle market because of Congo virus. Though they were facing difficulties in buying sacrificial animals however the fear of the virus has forced them to not go to markets.

The health department of Upper Dir has made arrangements in this regard and set up spray-points at entrance of Dir and doing a spray on sacrificial animals. An official of the health department said that they were directed to spray on each and every animal that was brought to the market to prevent them from Congo virus. For that purpose, he added, they had established points on all entrance route of Dir and spray the sacrificial animals.

Numan Khan, a customer and resident of Dir, said that he had come to market for buying a sacrificial animal but he was afraid of to go to the market. He, however, appreciated the efforts of the health department of Upper Dir for making proper arrangements after smelling the rates of the Congo virus.

Another customer, Suleman, was busy in purchasing animals, said that despite he was busy to buy animal for himself however the Congo virus fear was continuously terrifying him and he was felling danger in touching animals.

"Allah Ta'ala keep us protected from Congo virus and others diseases otherwise it is impossible that we keep ourselves away from cattle markets because we have to buy sacrificial animals," said Tauseefur Rehaman, another customer, adding that at least children kept away from animals and they should do that.

Animal owners have disappointed from the situation that arise after fear of the Congo virus. However, they are not aware of the real situation that for what reason customers are not coming to markets and buy animals. When asked Badshah, owner of animals, said that he did not know the reason of customers not coming in the market for buying animals. However, he added, he was feeling a possible loss in animals this year. "I have more than 500 both big and small animals which I have bought on high rates and I hardly have sold a few of them till now," he said disappointedly.

But they said they were hopeful about more customers might come to market in the remaining days and they would get a profit. People of the Upper Dir appreciated the health department efforts at least in this regards and said that after making proper arrangement the virus might not be attacked in Dir Upper.