Protest against Saudi govt for non-payment to workers

* Saudi companies terminated jobs of 70,000 labourers and confiscated their salaries of one year, in total injustice with hardworking people of Pakistan

Protest against Saudi govt for non-payment to workers

PESHAWAR: The Pakistan Trade Union Campaign staged a protest demonstration against the Saudi government and condemned the torture of protesting laborers, who were demanding their rights of wages from various companies in Saudi Arabia.

The protest rally was led by the chairman of the union Ghufran Ahad and Secretary Sangeen Bacha. Holding banners and placards the protesters chanted full throated slogans against the Saudi government for not giving security of jobs to the labourers.

Addressing on the occasion, the chairman of the organisation Ghufran Ahad said that the poor labourers were lashed in Saudi Arabia when they protested for their rights.

He said that in previous year the government of Saudi Arabia terminated the jobs of 70,000 labourers and its companies confiscated their salaries for one year which is total injustice with the people of the country.

They demanded of the government to inform the Saudi government regarding the torture and detention of the labourers and release them without any delay as their family members were worried about the plight of the children.

Large numbers of labourers are suffering financially and continuously cancelling their visas in Saudi Arab due to seizing of their salaries and termination of their jobs by various construction companies.

Rally against killing of student: The Kurram Student Society staged a protest demonstration against the killing of their fellow student who was shot dead by unknown robbers after resisting for handing over them his mobile phone on gun point.

The protest demonstration was held in front of the cantonment railway station near the Peshawar press club which was led by the President of the Kurram Student Society.

Addressing on the occasion the students said that two days back Kamran son of Hakim Khan resident of Kurram Agency was on the way to his hostel when armed robbers stopped him and ordered to hand over his mobile phone, however after refusal of Kamran they shot him down, resulting in his death on the spot.

They said that the police had failed to protect the lives and property of the people in the city and despite the passing of two days the perpetrators were not arrested by the police. They added that the students would not leave the protesting spot until the arrest of the culprits.

They said also warned to stage a protest sit in near the Chief Minister's House, to record their protest for the early arrest of the criminals. The students blocked Sher Shah Suri Road. However, after some time, the police assured them to arrest the criminals within a week.