Pakhtuns will never vote for ANP: Khattak

Pakhtuns will never vote for ANP: Khattak

TAKHTBHAI: Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said that the ANP should not be under any fallacy that Pakhtoons will ever vote for them. The period of Haider Hoti spoke volumes about the loot and plunder. His politics started and ended rotating around his personal interest, he added.

He was addressing a big public gathering at Takht Bhai during his day-long visit to District Mardan. Provincial Ministers Muhammad Atif Khan, Deputy Speaker Provincial Assembly, Dr. Mehr Taj Roghani, MNA Ali Muhammad, and MPA Iftikhar Mashwani also addressed the gathering.

MNA Dr. Imran Khattak and others were also present at the occasion. The chief minister said that the pakhtoon nation "stands committed" against the deluding tactics of the ANP and they would never allow their destiny to be decided by the corrupt.

Pervez Khattak said that his government was mandated for eliminating political interference in the public sector institutions, bringing an end to corruption and corrupt practices and giving a transparent and open governance system. His government succeeded on this front, he added.

He said the ANP did politics using the name of Pakhtoons but Haider Hoti and his companions brought this province to be ungovernable federating unit. The previous rulers did politics in public sectors institutions and therefore destroyed the whole system of governance.

He added that his government had revamped the public sectors institutions making them subservient to the will of the people and these public sectors institutions had started delivering.

The chief minister said that the past of the province has a history of rampant corruption, political interference in public sector institutions and deprivation of helpless people of the province but the present of the province under the PTI government speaks a different story.

There was no political interference and this province had a system of reward and punishment. He said political interference and corruption had been relegated to the past and now the people are getting relief. He stressed that his government had a vision for the future of the people and the province and that was prosperity and development and where justice will be given to all and sundry, merit will rule supreme and there will be complete rule of law.

Pervez Khattak regretted that primary education and health were neglected areas in the past where the rulers did politics but under his rule, these sectors were the top priority areas. His government spent 21 billion for arranging missing and other upgraded facilities in the primary schools throughout the province, while another 15 billion had been spent on upgrading facilities in colleges throughout the province.

Billions were being spent on improved healthcare centres throughout the province, he added. He said a system had been established which had an inbuilt mechanism to deliver to the people's expectations. He also highlighted the Sehat - Insaf Card under which 1.8 million families would be extended free health care upto Rs. 5 lakh.

He also spoke about the autonomy of police and other public sector entities making them to deliver in consonance with the people's aspirations. He also spoke about the legislation that eliminated corruption and corrupt practices and the misuse of power and authority.

The chief minister announced a grant of Rs. 100 million for Takht Bhai and also talked about the developmental package which included a sports complex, a degree college, a women cadet college etc.

Later, the chief minister visited the residence of Ziaul Islam at Hoti Mardan where he condoled the death of Fakhrul Islam. He stayed there for some time and prayed for soul of the departed person.