Rs 3 billion allocated for educational institutions

Rs 3 billion allocated for educational institutions

RAWALPINDI: Over Rs3 billion has been allocated for the development projects in various colleges and universities across the Punjab, including Rawalpindi Division.

The Punjab government has allocated around Rs 3.9 billion for 73 development schemes of universities and colleges located across the Punjab.

The funds have been allocated for the construction of 105 new colleges across the province, while Rs 635 million has been allocated for providing facilities in 62 colleges. Moreover, Rs 894,976 million has been allocated ongoing universities and colleges development projects. Moreover, the government has also allocated Rs 2.745,227 million for expenditures of 46 new schemes.

Scales: The Punjab government has decided to upgrade the scale of qari, computer teachers and computer laboratory attendants across the Punjab, including Rawalpindi Division.

Secretary School Education Dr Allah Baksh Malik has said that teachers would be granted BPS-17 grade under the initiative.

He was talking to United Teachers Council leaders. "A special salary package is being evolved for the BPS 17 to 20 grade teachers," he said.

A reassessment and review process has been started of all the outsourced primary schools, while he warned to stop the outsource process if the performance is not up-to mark.

Uniforms: Rawalpindi Division Police Force will get new uniforms from July 1. During the first phase, new uniforms have been dispatched to several officers. After performing Eid duties, new uniforms will be distributed among the police force.