NA body gives go-ahead to geothermal power generation

NA body gives go-ahead  to geothermal power generation

ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly's Standing Committee on Petroleum and Natural Resources Thursday gave go-ahead to generate electricity through geothermal sources.

During a briefing to the committee, Geological Survey Director General (DG) said 10,000 MW electricity would be generated through geothermal sources at the cost of Rs 990 million in five years.

Around 2,000 MW geothermal electricity is being generated in the US and 5,000 MW in Turkey and 9 MW in Ethiopia, he told the committee. He said there were enormous potential for generation power through geothermal sources in Punjab, Balochistan and Azad Kashmir.

He apprised the committee of a World Bank's report on rising water shortfall in Balochistan. Despite rising water scarcity in the province, he said that the Planning Commission had opposed to allocate funds amounting to Rs 150 million for installation of 20 tube wells in Quetta.

Responding to the DG's apprehensions, the Planning authorities said that the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) had also conducted a survey on water scarcity in Quetta and "you should have taken them into confidence too".

Meanwhile, petroleum secretary admitted that thermal projects were failing due to incorrect feasibility reports. He said no foreign investor was ready to invest in the projects. "There should be correct feasibility reports to woo foreign investors", he said.

During at the meeting, the authorities concerned, also asked the committee if they could be allowed to explore surplus gas reservoirs in different parts of the country, especially Chaman. When committee members inquired about the funds required for establishing the gas exploration project in Chaman, they said that Rs 200 million would be required for the project, while Rs 480 million would be needed for the entire country.