SIT submits report to SC on minor maid Tayyaba’s case

SIT submits  report to SC on minor maid Tayyaba’s case

ISLAMABAD: In the minor maid violence case, the Special Investigation Team (SIT) has submitted its report along with incomplete challan of the case in the Supreme Court, which will commence the hearing of the case from today(Wednesday).

The SIT has interrogated the accused Additional Sessions Judge, Raja Khurram and his wife, part of the report, in which both the accused refused the charges of violence on their minor home maid.

The case took a new turn when the lawyer of Tayyaba, Raja Zahoor-ul-Hassan has vanished mysteriously and the legal fraternity staged a protest on Tuesday against his missing and the Islamabad Bar Council hoisted a black flag on the court's buildings.

Police took the stance that Zahoor was neither in their custody nor they knew anything about him. The lawyers have given an application to the IG Police Islamabad for lodging the FIR against his disappearance.

The SIT stated in its report that the victim girl Tayyaba was missing. The police team traced her whereabouts and recorded her preliminary statement on January 8.

The investigation team also questioned the ASJ Raja Khurram and his wife . On the occasion both refused to accept the health of charges against them. They said in their statement that Tayyaba was working in their home as her duty was to look after their children and she was paid for that on a monthly basis. "We did not commit any violence on her . If there are some bruises on her body, then there would be other persons who subjected her to the torture but we do not know about it", both the accused husband and wife said in their statements.

They said that Tayyaba was kidnapped before the incident and they lodged the report of her disappearance at I-9 Police Station. The copty of the said FIR is also part of the report submitted in the SC.

The police said that the DNA tests of Tayyaba to trace out her real parents had been carried out, as and when the medical report would come to surface, she would be handed over to her parents. The police said that now Tayyaba was mixing and feeling relaxed with those people to whom she was handed over earlier by the police, shows that they are her genuine parents .

The sources said that as far as her medical report is concerned, the medical specialists from the PIMS Hospital verified that there are some 11 wounds found on the body of Tayyaba including some marks of burning. The injury marks on her feet, arms, back and around the eyes are prominent . On the left side of her head there is a one centimeter deep wound. The doctor said though she was under pressure , but her memory was working well, however her mental state was getting better.

The PIMS team has handed over the medical report to the District Administration,which was presented in the Supreme Court on Tuesday, during the hearing of the case.