Body of man found in Lohi Bher jungle

Body of man found in Lohi Bher jungle

ISLAMABAD: A terrible murder incident took place under the jurisdiction of Lohi Bher Police Station in which the killers cut the limbs of the deceased and threw the body in the jungle.

It is known that the 35-year old deceased, Qasim Khan, resident of Alipur Farash, a suburb village of Islamabad left home two days ago.

On Tuesday a citizen saw his dead body in the jungle near Sawan Gardens and informed the police, who shifted the corpse to the hospital for post mortem and started the search of the murderers.

The deceased had the charge to kill the husband of his niece. First of all the cruel killers cut his ears, nose and other sensitive parts then they fired on his head. Zahir Shah, the brother of the murdered person recognized the dead body and lodged an FIR No. 5/2017 with the police in which he nominated two person namely Saddam Hussain and Bakht Munir for murdering his brother.

The investigation officer of the case Inspector Ulfat Arif told Daily Times that the marriage of deceased's niece was held with Khalid, the brother of the nominated persons. But both the husband and wife were not happy with each other as there were quarrels between them as a daily routine.

In the meantime Khalid was murdered and the case of the crime was registered against Qasim in 2008 but he vanished and the court of law declared him a proclaimed offender in the case.

The IO said that it looks that the murder occurred due to an old enmity, however the police is trying to trace the killers.