Indian girl claims Pakistani man married her at gunpoint

Indian girl claims Pakistani man married her at  gunpoint

ISLAMABAD: An Indian girl, who is currently in Pakistan, on Monday claimed a Pakistani man forcibly, married her at gunpoint.

Dr Uzma filed a case in a local court and asserted that Tahir Ali harassed and abused her after she came to Pakistan. In her petition, she claimed that all travel documents had been snatched from her.

The Indian High Commission stated that the Indian citizen had married Tahir Ali. "However, when she came to Pakistan she found out that her husband is already married with five children," it said.

Furthermore, Dr Uzma said: "I was drugged at Wagah Border and whisked away, raped, harassed and my belongings were taken away from me. I will stay at Indian High Commission until I am sent back to my country."

Dr Uzma belongs to New Delhi and Tahir Ali hails from Buner. Both of them first met in Malaysia and after some days, decided to get married. Uzma traveled to Pakistan via Wagah border on May 1st and married Tahir on May 3 in Buner. A couple of days later, Tahir, accompanied by his wife, went to Indian High Commission Islamabad for getting an Indian visa. However, Uzma did not return with him and stayed at the high commission.

Tahir said that Uzma had known about his first marriage from the beginning. "I never held a gun to her head. However, if she no longer wants to stay with me, I will not force her," he said.