Police set to present maid in SC on 11th

Police set to present maid in SC on 11th

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Police has made arrangements to present a missing family in the Supreme Court on the next hearing. The case is about a minor girl's torture case by a judge and his wife. The incident happened when the minor girl was working as a maid at their home.

Earlier the police staged a drama of allegedly arresting the paternal aunt of little girl Tayyaba, just to divert the attention of the media.

But if the police had arrested the aunt of the girl, Pathani Bibi , then they would have had to answer where the father, the mother of Tayyaba were, as they all had vanished from the scene after a secret conciliation deal with the accused ASJ Raja Khurram Ali.

Reliable sources said that a deal was reached between accused the Additional Sessions Judge Raja Khurram Ali and the parents of little Tayyaba in which the condition were included that the parents of the poor victim would go underground and keep their lips tight in front of the media.

The sources told Daily Times that the police had detected the whereabouts of Tayyaba, the underage house maid who had been tortured by the Additional Sessions Judge and his wife

The Supreme Court has ordered the police to present the girl and her parents in the court on January 11.

A Special Investigation Team, constituted on the orders of the SC has decided to include the accused family in the interrogation by spreading the sphere of its probe. Now it is likely that the SIT could question the accused judge and his family on Monday (Today). The apex court had given the investigators three days' time to find out the girl.