White gold Easter egg encrusted with 910 diamonds goes on sale for £215,000

There is an Easter egg for sale this year that costs the same price as a house

White gold Easter egg encrusted with 910 diamonds goes on sale for £215,000

It's the size of a Cadbury Crème Egg, but this price tag on this Easter treat is roughly the same as the average house.

The 18 carat white gold Diamond Memories Egg, which opens like a locket to reveal space for two photographs inside, is encrusted with 910 diamonds.

It costs £215,000, almost as much as the average cost of a house in the UK - around £219,000.

The lavish egg was launched by luxury website VeryFirstTo and London-based jeweller Martin Jefferies and it comes in a range of colours.

Other options including ruby and sapphire eggs are also available, and should you be in the market for a bespoke gem-encrusted egg, commissions take 10 weeks to complete.

VeryFirstTo founder Marcel Knobil said, "This Diamond Memories Egg is not just a beautiful ornament, but comes with a gold chain enabling it to be instantly turned into a spectacular scintillating locket - a truly striking piece of haute joaillerie."

He added, "I conceived the idea of an egg presented in glorious fashion, because the egg is such a precious entity. It is the source of life. The design is a universal symbol representing life, togetherness, peace, love and so much more."

Easter eggs, also called Paschal eggs, are decorated eggs that are usually used as gifts on the occasion of Easter or springtime celebration.