Halwa Puri remains famous breakfast delicacy.

Halwa Puri remains famous breakfast delicacy.

ISLAMABAD:Traditional breakfast of Halwa Puri remains the most favorite food item of winter season.

Craving for Halwar Puri is doubled during rainy weather.

According to sources, the demand for Halwa Puri breakfast has increased and the outlets are thronged with customers.

Stalls serving freshly fried Puri with Channa and various types of Halwas are set in the markets and bazaars so that people can relish the delicacies.

A customer Danish Tahir informed that eating oil and energy rich food not only keeps the body temperatures warm but it has also turned into a trend that the people enjoy the most on weekends.

“A few shops famous for traditional foods offer it dailythroughout the year while others sell it at weekends or duringwinters only,” he added.

Aysha Usman, a student revealed that Halwa Puri was a feast she treated herself along with her friends after studying all night. "We are five friends andduring exams preparations, we go for breakfast at any halwa purishop, a feast for us after tiring studies the whole night,” she said.

Another customer Humaira Ikram added, "If I am on duty onweekend, my colleagues ask me to bring fresh crispy Puri withHalwa and Channa for breakfast and we enjoy it together.”

Lastly she informed that on weekends, family members spend time together and eating traditional food is a major attraction.