Study shows that bitter foods are good for liver, reduce sugar craving

Study shows that bitter foods are good for liver, reduce sugar craving

ISLAMABAD: Many of you would pull a face on the idea of eating bitter foods, but they have incredible health benefits. Have a look at some of these,

Bitter foods and herbs help to stimulate digestive juices and support food digestion. Bitter foods help stimulate our taste receptors on the tongue, which subsequently stimulates enzyme production and bile flow. The better your food is digested, the more nutrients you will absorb from your food. It doesn’t matter what you eat, if you can’t absorb it, it won’t be of much benefit to you.

In general, bitter greens are packed with nutrients including vitamins A, C and K and minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium. They are high in folate and fiber and low in fat and sodium. Arugula, for example, is packed with beta carotene, vitamin C, calcium and iron, while dandelion greens provide vitamins A, E, K, calcium, iron and antioxidants.

It’s recommended that adults consume eight to 10 cups of fruits and vegetables every day. Greens are an important part of healthy eating, although bitter greens require a certain palate.

Rinse and wash greens carefully in cold water to remove sand and grit, then dry them in a salad spinner or blot to remove excess water. Eat greens raw or cooked and toss with olive oil for better absorption of the fat soluble vitamins.

Bitter greens like radicchio, dandelion greens, endive, kale, and arugula contain phytonutrients that support the liver as it manages cholesterol, balances hormones, detoxifies the blood and metabolizes fats.