Exams on, life off?

Exams on, life off?

Do you know what the shortest horror story to a student is? Exams…

This five letters word is no less than a nightmare to every student.

“Of course, it makes me so tensed whenever I think about exams despite being a nerd.” says Mehma who is a brilliant student without any doubt.

Whether you are a topper or an average student, life during exams is same for everyone.

“Life becomes busy and tough during exams. Nothing else than studies is taken into consideration during exams”, she further said.

There is a variety of students in every institute from Nerds to Backbenchers and Mr I Know Everything to Teach Me if You Can. This makes the perfect aroma of a class.

Life after exams is like being in paradise for many but Mehma doesn’t think the same.

“Life sucks big time after that as for a person like me, the nightmares of result start pissing the hell outta me the next day of the last paper.” She said.

“But whatever you say, there's no life if there's no studies. At least for me! Exams are amazing, they make you tensed, pressurised, sad, and puzzled, whatever but make you happy as well, if you give good efforts obviously.” She stated exams as compulsory.

I think your classmates become annoying during exams as they seem over-reacting on everything from date sheet to syllabus, and paper pattern to preparation.

For Maheen, a student of bachelor in communication studies, life before exams is a mixture of tension as well as relaxation. It’s like you know there is heap of syllabus, you still wait for exam’s night to study.

“Life during exams is too hectic. These are the days, you feel like killing yourself for not preparing a bit before exams. Sometimes you can’t even find your notes, Routine gets hectic, Loads of notes to read and loads of coffee cups to drink to stay up late and read all those stupid notes.” She said.

Stress might be useful for dodging sabre-toothed tigers, but it doesn't help so much with exams.

The best thing for Maheen after exams is a tension-free time to sleep, sleep and just sleep.

When asked Tayyab, also a student of Mass Communication, He got emotional and refused to share his experience of exams saying, “Sun na pao ge!”

Nabila being a Tension ki Dukaan, says that her life is full of tension whether exams are approaching or passed.

What you do after exams?

“First of all, I delete all the pictures from my cell phone gallery including screenshots of different notes and shared pictures regarding syllabus with my friends,” said Nabila.

Library is the most populated area during exams. You’ll find here even those students during exams, you never even saw in classroom.

Then, there are mehnati students like Zafar, whose exam’s preparation includes testing your writing speed a night before exams. Woah!! How do you do that? I mean we can’t find time to get through all the syllabus and you are here wasting your time in speed checking?

There are a few tension-free students, who go through notes on Exams morning. Rameen is one of them. There is no change in routine for her.

“Semester system is an easiest way to achieve a bachelor's degree, because one hour study before exam is enough to get good grades. Easy way, Easy life! Chill, Chill and Chill” She said.

University is more a party place than a study place for many. So, mostly people are chilling here.

Dear board of Examination, I am bored of Examination, said one fun lover. While the other said, I like education without examination. Whereas Maryam says that Exams are hectic.