Colour of your dress affects the way people see you

Colour of your dress affects the way people see you

RED: People wearing this colour are described as Bold, Dominant, Passionate, Aggressive and Dominant.

YELLOW: Yellow is often associated with Sun and it makes your personality Bright, Optimistic, Radiant and Energetic.

PURPLE: Purple is said to be a colour of Wealth and Royalty. It is also associated with spirituality. It makes one’s personality Magical, Spiritual, Luxurious, Powerful and Mysterious.

BLUE: Blue is the colour of natural elements like Sky and Ocean. It makes you appear as Calm, Focused, Serene, Constant and Intelligent.

WHITE: It’s the colour of peace. It gives you a look of being Hopeful, Pure and Clean person.

BROWN: Natural materials like Wood, Stones and Earth has brownish tint to it. Therefore, it is described as Wholesome, Warm, Comforting and Joyous.

BLACK: It is the King of all the colours and dark as night. It gives you Elegance, Class and makes you Confident.

GREEN: People wearing Green are mostly Creative, Concentrated, Calm, Growing and Balanced as nature.

So, what colour do you wear mostly?