Hack it: Tame your brows with soap

Hack it: Tame your brows with soap

Did you know that you can fix your unruly brows with a clear soap bar?

This means, you don’t even need a gel or clear mascara to tame those babies down. All you need are two things, i.e Clear soap bar (like pears) and a spoolie.

A spoolie is just a brush that looks exactly like a mascara wand. So, if you do not have a spoolie then you can wash your old mascara’s wand and use it in its place.

The process is very easy and all you need to do is run your spoolie under tap water and then run that wet spoolie onto the clear soap bar. Now brush your eyebrows in place with just that soapy spoolie. Easy right?

The soap is very less harsh on your skin as compared to those harsh chemicals come in fancy brow gel containers. Give it a try and good luck!