Nordic International School formally launched in Pakistan

Nordic International School formally launched in Pakistan

LAHORE: The Nordic International School (NIS) held its launching ceremony on Monday at Muslim Town Campus, as the school is set to introduce Glocal School system in Pakistan.

The ceremony was attended by Swedish Ambassador Ingrid Johansson, Director of the Board of Glocal Schools and CEO of NordicEd Odd Eiken, Glocal EduProject CEO Taha Zamir Hussain, educationists and parents.

The colorful opening ceremony included a catwalk by students wearing dresses of emerging designer Hira who also designed the summer, winter and sports uniform of the school. At the end of the ceremony, a concert was also arranged to enthrall the audience.

Classes in the school will cover Kindergarten to Grade 5 in the first year, expanding to Grade 6 in 2018. The campus is first of the several schools to be opened in Pakistan.

Nordic International is one of the few recognised international schools in the country. Its curriculum and teaching methods have been developed through extensive research, making it a research-based school. The onus of their teachings lies on the personal approach they take, meaning that NIS believe that every student has an individual personality and their own pace of learning and so deserve individual attention.

The New Muslim Town Campus is a boutique campus, designed to host a maximum of 300 students. The NIS focuses on the development of the whole person with the major investment being in the child's intellectual and personal development. Starting with a staffing model that is built around a leadership team with global experience, Nordic called itself a Glocal school and by that, they mean that even if they are based internationally and have an international staff, they really want to emphasise on the local culture.

On the occasion, Odd Eiken said that the idea behind the school was to merge this into Glocal School, which is a combination of being global and local. "It will be a Pakistani school anchored in the values, culture, language and history of Pakistan, but it will have global outreach," he said. "So it will be connected to our schools in different parts of the world and will also be bringing in what we think is lacking in traditional Pakistani schools."

Glocal EduProject CEO Taha Zamir Hussain said that the school was a joint venture between a Sweden education provider and a recognised family in Pakistan, the Saigol family. "Together we intend to set up a chain of schools across Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, but just because its a joint venture, it doesn't really make it international unless our leadership is international, a leadership with a global perspective," he said. Zamir further said, "To compete with the education in the West and be better than them, we need to find the right formula in assessments and curriculum."



Published in Daily Times, September 12th 2017.