Tharparkar journalists trained on disaster risk reduction

Tharparkar journalists trained  on disaster risk reduction

MITHI: Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) aims to reduce the damage caused by natural hazards, especially in desert areas like Thar Desert where droughts and famines are normal, journalists can help communities by reporting extensively on these issues, its mitigation and adaptations, said speakers of the a training for journalists held on Sunday.

A two-day training that ends on Sunday under the title "Reporting Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)" organized by Thar Rural Development Programme (TRDP) in collaboration with USAID and US based Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA). Addressing the training, speakers said that disasters often follow natural hazards and a disaster's severity depends on how much impact a hazard has on society and the environment. "In that case journalists can help by reporting on these issues," said speakers.

Around 25 print and electronic media journalists from across the district participated in the training and it has provided an opportunity to local journalists to learn about the role of media on how to report before, during and after the natural disasters like a drought and famine.

The participants were also trained on media strategies for DRR promotion, developing public awareness messages and reporting the natural disasters.

TRDP's District officer Dileep Kumar Lohana and PPP District Information Secretary Nandlal Malhi distributed certificates among the participants. Malhi lauded the services of local NGOs and journalists of Tharparkar for their efforts during the droughts and famines in the districts.