International Hooligan

Kerry accuses Russia for troubles in Syria ignoring fact that US has destabilised Syria, as it did in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan

International Hooligan

 I was bored and frustrated by watching Pakistani and Indian warmongers rejoicing exchange of barbs and talking about a possible India-Pakistan war, as if it was a game.

I decided not to watch this nonsense. After that I turned to international TV channels. There every TV channel was showing the speech of the US Secretary of State John Kerry at the UN Security Council. He was giving the US point of view on the Syrian situation. With typical arrogance of an American Mr Kerry was lecturing the world to believe in American lies.

In his speech, visibly angry, Kerry was twisting facts with impunity. He threatened Russia with serious consequences. Without a shred of shame, the US leader accused Russia for the troubles in Syria ignoring the fact that the US has destabilised Syria, a repeat of what the US did in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan.

Recently, US fighters have killed 62 civilians in Syria. It is height of hypocrisy and double standards that the US accuses Russia for aggression. Russian warships or fighter’s jets are nowhere near the US borders but US warplanes are in Sweden threatening Russia.

The US has installed missile defense system in the Czech Republic and Poland. The US and NATO military bases are all around Russia. Also US warships are near Chinese coasts and US fighter jets frequently violate the Chinese airspace. US bombers planes are flying in South Korean skies intimidating North Korea, the US is indirectly sponsoring militant and terror groups in the Middle East and Africa and yet this country tells others to behave…!

US intelligence agencies spy even on friendly countries. For the last eight decades, the United States is the biggest threat to the World’s peace and prosperity. This country is responsible for economic and political injustice and unfairness in the world. In fact, the United States acts and behaves as a hooligan in international affairs.