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Never forget Mashal

Never forget Mashal

It’s been 5 days since Mashal Khan's murder, the internet is flooded with this episode of blasphemy as I see everyone posting about this case, mostly showing grief, while others showing joy.

Stalking the internet the entire day, watching everyone put up statuses, masses tweeting everywhere, the entire internet is in frenzy, a war, trying to put the other down, trying to prove the other wrong. Some mourn his death the wrong way while some do not mourn at all, the internet sees all and points out the errors in this mourning of a 23-year-old.

How many days will this stay? One week, two weeks, a month or maximum two? And finally, it will end all of a sudden. No one will remember Mashal. No one will care what happened to him. No one will put any more statuses and in this way, this war on social media will end. Everyone will get back to their businesses and no one will bother again to raise their voices.

Once again everyone will become silent, and this will continue until and unless another case comes up, another Mashal is stoned to death or maybe another Muslim killed by his own Muslim brother.

When will this stop? These social media controversies? This war happening between us all?

When will we have freedom of speech? When will we act upon what we want or what is wrong?

Putting up statuses, tweeting about your thoughts will not do much if we just forget what happened within a small span of time.

Before just acting upon such incidents, before coming up with your speeches, before sharing your thoughts or just killing your fellow friends, educate yourself with the matter, educate people around you. 

The change we all want as a nation cannot be achieved until and unless the change comes from within each and every one of us. Collective change can only result from the individual change.

Let’s just not treat this incident as another trending incident, let’s not just forget who Mashal Khan was, let’s not forget his death but make it one that compels each and every one of us to change and act.

Change is what we need to bring in ourselves, in our mentality in the way we, as a nation, function, and process. Let us not let this incident be the reality of our country, let us not sacrifice another Mashal to uncontrolled fanaticism.