DailyTimes | Theocracy or tolerance? India needs to choose one!

Theocracy or tolerance? India needs to choose one!

Theocracy or tolerance? India needs to choose one!


It’s not the first time that Indian Muslims have received a pointless religious outrage following a heated debate in India. It all started with a Tweet by India’s favorite, rather pampered, singer who mentioned Azaan as a source of disturbance and hooliganism.

However, afterwards he covered his first tweet by mentioning temple and Gurudwaras in his next tweets but the damage was already done. Thousands of followers from around the globe liked, replied and re-tweeted his tweets some endorsing it and the others rejecting them by questioning him. The issue not just became a heated one in India but in other countries as well, Muslims to a greater extent got offended with Sonu Nigam’s double standards.

It should not be forgotten that a few days ago Sonu Nigam as a matter of his own choice started singing in an on-board flight that he did in order to surprise his fans. But what others after his tweet noticed is that why didn’t he consider this fact in the first place before singing a song that day? Didn’t he think that someone might not be willing to listen to him or it will cause nuisance to somebody who is mentally disturbed? Why did not he consider his own act of that day before posting that tweet? Well these are all reactions which his act solely brought.

But what I noticed was the dire need compelling India to finally choose what actually they want. Because India, according to the facts and figures, is the world’s most populous democracy and a parliamentary republic with a multi-party system.

It has seven recognized national parties and the most importantly having Islam as the second largest religion, with 14.2% of the country's population or roughly 172 million people identifying as adherents of Islam and moreover is expected to be home to world's largest Muslim population by 2050, but is the country ready for the change?

The answer is probably a “No” because the religious intolerance in India does not allow this change to happen. The present government has given way to all the extremists a right to say whatever they feel like even if it’s against the sentiments of half of the population. Today’s tweet of Sonu Nigam not only showed his intolerance but the overall intolerance by their society as I am sharing some of the tweets in response to my Tweet below:



This tweet brought many replies by Hindus, some of which are;






Despite of the fact that many Hindus and Indians agreed with me, what I observed was that India now needs to decide that what they actually want?

Either they can tolerate these little practices of other religious groups or they should just go on to be a Theocratic state instead because this is a signal for all the non-Hindus living in India that now Religion would become a more controversial and complex issue there because according to the public they are now more free to express their views and the Modi government has given them the right and that freedom of speech they should have got years ago.


The writer is a broadcast journalist currently working as Associate Producer in Neo TV