Well known Pakistani poet Allama Iqbal was born on the 9th of November, 1877 in Sialkot. Allama Iqbal is considered among one of the greatest poets and philosophers of the modern era and his literary work is still taught in many universities all over the world. Allama Iqbal was the one who envisioned the idea of a separate homeland as result of which we have this country today called Pakistan. Allama Iqbal was highly educated and his poetry was not ordinary it had a vision in it that drew an entire community towards making themselves a nation. His poetry and his philosophy is what led the Muslims of the sub-continent to a point where they recognized themselves and their strengths as a nation.

Iqbal Day is celebrated every year on the 9th of November in order to pay homage to our national poet and philosopher. It is a public holiday where a large number of cultural, literary and educational organizations conduct programs in order to remember him and his work. His work was exceptional and this is the reason why he is known all over the world and people read his work after translating it in so many different languages. His philosophy is still taught in many foreign universities. On Iqbal Day the entire country devote this day to the great legend and organize programs in order to remember his work.

The Iqbal Day Celebrations are witnessed all over the country. All the institutions pay homage to him in different forms. The guard is changed at Mazhar-e-Iqbal in Lahore. In different schools and colleges children prepare speeches on Allama Iqbal or recite his poetry. Iqbal has achieved so much in his life not only for himself but more selflessly for a nation. A huge part is played by him that we have Pakistan. His philosophy is still valid and it shines and our leaders must get guidance through his philosophy to be on the right track. Iqbal Day celebrations are one of the biggest celebrations all across the country.


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