We don’t need to escalate

We don’t need to escalate

I don’t feel so good with all these mixed feelings. To some extent I blame country leaders for it.

This article consists of incoherent “series” of events, paradoxical claims and misery of mankind.

While we are stuck on “war with India” anticipation, some of the richest men on this planet are thinking “is it even real”, questioning everyone’s existence.

Some of them are convinced that we live in a computer simulation, there are now doubts surfacing about our existence being real or not.

Tech billionaires are now investing money in breaking free from the simulation they believe we're all living in. While we are busy playing with "form" of this world, mending and moulding it according to our desires, these billionaire philosophers are concerned about our “realism” being real or not.

Founder, CEO, and CTO of Space X, co-founder, CEO, and product architect of Tesla Motors, Mr. Elon Musk has said earlier that he believes the chance that we are not living in a computer simulation is “one in billion”. His argument rolls like “computing technology advanced so quickly that in near future we won’t be able to distinguish it as something separate from real life. This being the case there’s a reason to think if it hasn’t been already done somewhere in the past and we’re currently living in a simulation".  

With technological advancements, the "Absurd" of this world has cornered mankind. Mr. Musk adds up to this by saying that if we aren't living in a simulation then all human life is probably coming to an end, so we should hope that we are living in one.

Coming back to Pakistan-India issue, I believe Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz with all his “ bittersweet veiled political players” And his Indian counterpart Prime Minister Modi should sit together and question their beliefs and maybe if at some point they realize the mortal nature of their own existence, they will put an end to this madness.

Since I have developed a fear of nuclear war and with the way this entire media portrays it, I’ve come to good terms with death. I often come up with theories of how this world would end.  Here’s how I see it, at times with hope involved, other times….well *there’s still hope left*.

1. With a nuke launched, countries pick sides and the globe divides in two, with extreme polarization. Further conflict will end this polarization and morph it into one regardless of which side wins the final war.

2. Nobody nukes anybody and we live in peace and harmony and if civilisation stops advancing, then that may be due to some calamitous event.

3. A friend told me that as far as the end is concerned, the idea of  a conception of the material world to have a beginning is being questioned now. What doesn't have a beginning cannot end.

4. Nature works in mysterious ways, what if our supreme leader, Nawaz *coughs..R.a.hee.l* Sharif gets some sort of severe mental illness and since he's blessed with all the power in this world, he decides to launch what there is to be launched and we jump back to number 1. Number 4 is an indirect form of number 2, paradoxically very direct at the same time.

5. I get tired of running in circles and put a noose around my neck.

On another plane, I was watching how Indian media was grilling a very popular Indian Film Actor, Om Puri, for his “anti-army” statement. The Youtube video shows a news anchor, claiming to be a son of an army man, demanding something from Om Puri, clearly not an apology because the poor cornered artist was constantly apologising, perhaps the news anchor wasn’t convinced that it was an honest apology, coming from an “Actor”.

Om Puri’s crime was that he blamed the “martyred soldier” for his own death, questioning “who forced him to join the Army?”

Sitting in Pakistan I can totally relate to Om Puri’s thoughts. At the time when he uttered those words of blasphemy, he was being pushed against the wall by a media person screaming on top of his lungs, running, rushing forward, probably just wanted to go home and spend some time with his family while securing a good “day job”.

It’s you who’s dishonest, yes you!

The media person was the real actor indeed. Media’s desire to boost up the number of their “viewers” is just morbid. Sympathize, Scandalize and Sell it, just enough to put bread on the table, how noble!

Things are not much different in Pakistan.

Here’s an extract from Army General’s speech:

“We have recently witnessed an unfortunate display of utter desperation playing out inside Occupied Kashmir and along Line of Control through a litany of falsehoods and distortion of facts by India. We expect the international community to condemn Indian insinuations and fabrications about a nation that has made unparalleled contributions in the global fight against terrorism.

While Pakistan wants good relations with all its neighbors, no one should make any mistakes about our collective resolve to defend our motherland. Any aggression, born out of deliberate intent or even a strategic miscalculation, will not be allowed to go unpunished and will be met with the most befitting response. We will be highly relentless in defending our motherland against the entire spectrum of threat.

I am confident that with the united resolve of our nation and its armed forces, those inimical to regional peace will not be allowed to succeed. Their evil plots and plans will be defeated, Inshallah.”

“Humans protecting humans from humans”

If you’re unable to find this article coherent, let me put it in simple words. Make love not war. Let’s reach there peacefully, together with dignity and respect.