Change will come with mind change

Change will come with mind change


In responsible and mature societies, teachers, doctors, police and security forces and people providing other essential services don’t stage strikes over minor issues or for personal interests. Political parties don’t block roads and close businesses either; military don’t play psychological games against own people, religious leaders don't give verdict on the purity of someone's faith and the media report facts – but not in Pakistan.

As a result, the gap between Pakistan and the developed world has grown very wide in numerous areas. Now, many developing countries are also ahead of Pakistan in different sectors of social and economic development. Every day, I feel as if I am in a battlefield where devastation and degeneration is all around, not many of us realise that. See that the change begins at home but most of us want to change others, and change them according to our wishes and our way.

We talk, talk and talk but there is little or no substance what we say or do. Our policies, strategies and actions are not based on rational and scientific thinking. We are driven by narrow prejudices and mere emotions. Each one of us has to look in the mirror and ask am I acting rationally, honestly and professionally? Am I doing what I am supposed to do? I have work or job and I am paid for my work but do I perform my duties responsibly? Am I a socially responsible person?

Most of us just complain, believe in conspiracy theories but we don’t offer reasonable and selfless solutions. Instead, we take extreme positions and insist on the finality of our own version, our belief and expect everybody else to follow us. We take everything at personal level. We want to take credit and reward of others’ deeds.

Often we fight each other and try to bring down someone even our relatives, friends and colleagues. Most of us can’t be punctual or fulfil a commitment on time and the same people lecture the world to behave. With this mind-set we as a society have become part of the problem.

This attitude has to change and it will change when from homes to mosques and from schools and universities to political and professional organizations: We will change the way we teach and train our children, students, workers and staff. We have to change the way we think and look at the world and indeed at life as a whole.