5 things you can’t miss on Eid

5 things you can’t miss on Eid

Eid is finally here again! Here are some things about Eid in Pakistan that are hard to miss.


1. Goats

The city is infiltrated with goats everywhere you go. People love to parade their favourite pet in the markets as much as they can before Eid morning.



2. Excess of meat eaten

It’s not much different to post-Ramazan indulgences. We eat as much on this Eid as in the previous one.



3. Relatives

The ones you rarely ever meet are bound to meet you on Eid. But in case you miss out on a few there’s a lot of regret involved.

But there are always perks to more relatives. Relatives = Eidi. When that doesn’t happen, this does.


4. Eidi

Those of us who can pretend to be young enough to deserve Eidi still do. Using those puppy dog eyes to extract Eidi from anyone even a little bit older than you is one of the best parts of Eid.

When it comes the other way around and some young cousin begins asking for you for Eidi, that feeling of growing old hits you right in the feels.

It gets worse the older you get.


5. Endless selfies