Baloch are neither traitors nor Indian agents’

* BNP-M leader urges media to highlight woes of Balochistan  

Baloch are neither traitors  nor Indian agents’

QUETTA: The Balochistan National Party-Mengal (BNP-M) on Saturday urged media to bring to light the woes of Balochistan. BNP-M Vice President Abdul Wali Kakar asked the media to visit interior parts of Balochistan. He regretted that a wrong image of Balochistan was being portrayed, and media was barred on the pretext of security issues. As a result, Balochistan does not get its due rights in the country's media, he added. He was speaking to the Biennial Delegates Meeting of Pakistan Union of Journalists (BUJ). He stressed upon the media to help the Baloch get their due rights. Balochistan was craving for its basic human rights, including the availability of pure drinking water, health and education, he added. It was best opportunity to discuss the issues of Balochistan in front of journalists, hailing from various parts of the country. Kakar lamented that a false image of Balochistan was portrayed in front of other provinces. He urged media to travel along with his party from Gwadar to Zhob to understand the ground realities. He regretted that people from other provinces were not being allowed to go out of Quetta on the pretext of "security concern", adding, "It should be clear to everyone that no issues of security exists in Balochistan and if anyone is willing to visit, they would provide him security." He said that it was a wrong impression that elections did not take place in Balochistan. He added that lawmakers were not elected but selected, adding that representatives were elected with only 25 votes in the 2013 elections. He said that the legislators are only selected and imposed on the Baloch, adding that the image of political forces portrayed in other provinces is utterly baseless and regrettable. "They sometimes call us traitor and sometimes agents of India to gain legitimacy for themselves. Had it been the case, our party members would be brimming with wealth and riches." He said that the media and human right organisations have also observed a blackout in Balochistan, adding that all the rulers, either democratic or dictators, treated Balochistan in the same way. He said that even the voice of BNP is not given space in local media these days although it has cooperated with media and media organisations.