Peddling Austerity to the masses

This is the last in a series of five poems dedicated to London Town  

 Peddling Austerity to the masses

No one was dancing in the street, even after fourteen long years, it was true. But neither was anyone trying to hang the blessed DJ.

A new party, after all, meant a new drug to peddle. Far and wide.

Austerity was its name. Though word on the street said it weren’t cheap.
And no one knew what would happen if you never came down.

But there was no need for panic, no need to run down to the safety of the town. Coz Austerity, would you Adam n’ Eve it, was legit.

No logo.

In a stroke of pure genius, it was unveiled as part of the government-prescribed five-a-day for the masses. For it was only the poor, with their prolonged credit-crunching workouts, who were deemed fit enough to pick up the tab. A mantra too oft repeated by the commanders-in-chief of chequebook journalism. Those doctors of spin who had the power to hack off the government at will.

Austerity really was the fairest trip of them all. Or your money gone!

The writer is the Deputy Managing Editor, Daily Times. She can be reached at and Tweets @humeiwei



Published in Daily Times, September 13th 2017.