Exploring Venice

While it may not be completely submerged in water during our lifetime, the city is clearly sinking around one or two millimetres every year

Exploring Venice

If you are into Shakespearean literature or have read “Othello” or the “Merchant of Venice”, then I am sure you would fancy visiting Venice, Italy for sure.

There are multiple reasons to visit the city which was built on piles of wood transported from the Alps and it hosts buildings that are largely supported by wooden platforms on top of these piles. It is the city of romance and love. I visited the place mainly because I wanted to feel what the writers talk about in their books while describing Venice. I took a very cheap airline that cost me around 100 euros from Frankfurt to Milan and then travelled all the way to my dreamland through a luxury bus. There are a few tips that I would like to give to all those planning on visiting Venice. Do not book a hotel near a train station, as it will cost you a lot. Venice is a small city and you can explore nearly half of it mainly by walking. Therefore go easy on your feet with comfortable shoes. Pizza is a must have in Venice. Do not miss the taste of it.

While it may not completely be submerged in water during our lifetime, it’s clear that the city itself is sinking around one or to millimetres each year. So grab your tickets and visit Venice. Here’s why:


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Even on a, rainy day, the facade of houses and palazzis exude rich colours. The colourful ambience on its own is enough to make you happy


ST MARK’S SQUARE — Piazza San Marco, or St Mark’s Square, is the principal public square of Venice. Famous for its numerous pigeons, the square is a tourist favourite, mostly because famous Venetian landmarks, such as St Mark’s Basilica and the tall Campanile tower, enclose it.

THE CARNIVAL — celebrated in February, it’s a great way to experience ancient Venetian tradition of colour and style. During the carnival, Venice attracts more than 3 million tourists. It’s during this event that people wear ornate costumes and masks. Maybe single ladies will find their own Casanova here.

IT LOOKS JUST LIKE THE MOVIES — even on a cloudy, rainy day; the colours of the houses, palazzis and everything else exude rich colours. It’s certainly one of the most romantic cities because the colourful ambience itself makes you happy. As seen in ‘The Tourist’ and ‘Casino Royale’, I believe it looks just as it did in most films so there is little room for disappointment when you arrive. 



Published in Daily Times, August 12th 2017.