Keeping the tradition of Balochi chappal alive

The basic shape and the structure of a Balochi chappal has not changed overtime

Keeping the  tradition of Balochi chappal alive

When you happen to see a Balochi chappal, you might mistake it for being very heavy thinking it might cause you trouble after wearing. However, an expert craftsman has introduced a lightweight Balochi chappal just according to the latest fashion.

The market of Prince Road, Quetta is famous for all kinds of Balochi chappals. Despite modernisation, the basic shape and structure of Balochi chappal is not altered. This is a major factor for its fame and popularity among people. As a result, the Balochi chappal is used to wear with shalwar kamiz and also casual jeans.

Faisal Karim, who owns a chappal shop, says there are various designs but the most famous among them are Saadat, Norozi, Balaach, Maingal and Shikari

The names of Balochi chappals are attributed to different tribes. Faisal Karim Bukhsh who is the owner of Balochi chappal shop told informed that there are various designs but the most famous styles among them are Saadat, Norozi, Balaach, Maingal and Shikari.

Faisal Karim Bukhsh further said, “We prepare chappals of different colours as per demand and upon order.” He said that Balochi chappals were prepared in various materials like thread, leather and tyres etc.

According to Faisal, the sole of the chappal is prepared with tyre rubber that is imported from Turkey and Iran whereas the leather comes from Lahore.

The interesting fact is that Balochi chappal is famous not only among Balochis but is gaining popularity among youth in major cities of Pakistan. Faisal explained, “Local people, as well as people from other parts of the country, are also taking interest in Balochi chappals.”

He added that people not only buy these for themselves but gift these to their friends and relatives too.

The price of this chappal is not less as compared with shoes of any other brand. According to Faisal, “The price of Balochi chappal is different depending upon its designs and quality.” He informed that the prices ranged between Rs 1,000 to Rs 8,000.

One pair of chappal takes two to three days to be made and it doesn’t require any kind of machinery.

     Chappal market on Prince Road of Quetta is known for shops that sell all kinds of Balochi chappals. Photo        Credit Umer Shahab


The writer is a citizen journalist based in Gwadar



Published in Daily Times, August 11th 2017.